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How to Know When It Is Time to Let Go

Look at the following indicators and check off the ones that apply to a relationship you are in or one you are mentally and emotionally hanging on to.  It is time to let go if these indicators are present:

     1.  You or othe other starts to pull back.
     2.  You stop feeling safe in the relationship.
     3.  When the chemical high or excitement wears off, you see the person            is truly not compatible.
     4.  A person is not willing to build a deeper friendship or relationship.
     5.  You recognize a pattern of choosing the wrong people.
     6.  You are putting more energy into the relationship than the other person is.
     7.  When you bring up problems, the other person becomes defensive.
     8.  You are blamed for the problems in the relationship.
     9.  You are stagnating.
     10. You find the person boring.


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